Q: What the RAM and Internal Storage of VORKE Z5?

A: Vorke Z5 is 2GB+16GB.


Q: Does Vorke Z6 has KIDO?

A: Yes, it has KODI 17.4 now. The newest firmware has upgrade to kodi 17.6.


Q: Does VORKE Z5 Can watch 3D movie?

A: Yes, it supports



Q: Does Vorke Z5 has google play?

A: Of course, Vorke Z5 has google play and can use it directly. You can download the apps which you like to watch the video.


Q: Des the OTA upgrade will lost the apps and date of vorke Z5?

A: No worry, it will not.


Q: Does the vorke Z5 supports Russian language or other languages?

A: Yes, it support. Vorke Z5 supports Multilanguages.