Q: What is the different between vorke Z6 and vorke Z6 Plus?

A: There is just one difference. Vorke Z6 is DDR4 and Vorke Z6 Plus is DDR3. The other specification and function are same.


Q:What the RAM and Internal Storage of VORKE Z6?

A: VORKE Z6 has 2 Version: one is 3GB+32GB, the other is 3GB+64GB.


Q:Does vorke Z6 has KODI preinstalled?

A:Yes: Kodi is the key to every media player, Z6 is no exception. It comes with the newest Kodi 17.3 which will worklike a charm. In other words, it will work without any lags, when watching movies, TV shows, playing games, or whatever of your choice. The newest firmware has upgrade to kodi 17.6.


Q: Does vorke z6 has google play?

Of course, Vorke Z6 has google play and can use it directly. You can download the apps which you like to watch the video.


Q: Does the vorke Z6 support 7.1 Audio Surround Sound?

A: Sorry, it can not, the Vorke Z6 Just support 5.1 Audio Surround Sound.


Q: Does the vorke Z6 can support OTA upgrade?

A: Yes, Vorke Z6 supports OTA upgrade.


Q: Does VORKE Z6 has been rooted?

A: Yes, it has been rooted.


Q: Does the vorke Z6 supports Russian language or other languages?

A: Yes, it support. Vorke Z6 supports Multilanguages.


Q: Does Vorke Z6 has Russian user manual?

A: Sorry, the user manual is just English only.


Q: Vorke Z6 has no the AV output for analog tv, so how to solve this problem?

A: You can buy an adapter for HDMI to AV output.


Q: Which cable can be used for vorke Z6 spdif interface?

A: The vorke Z6 spdif interface is not output though the optical cable, it is though the coaxial cable, so you need a 3.5mm coaxial cable for spdif.


Q: Does the OTA upgrade will lost the apps and date of vorke Z6?

A: No worry, it will not.



Q:What app can be used for Vorke Z6 to remote control?

A: You can use the app-“cetusplay”. Please download it from google play and install to your Vorke Z6 and your phone, then you can use it.





Q: Why after I update the firmware online( OTA update), my Kodi has lost, can not find it and I can not use kodi?

A: Now the OTA upgrade just can solve a part problem not all, so after you finish OTA upgrade,

then you still need to do SD upgrade firmware(on our official website:



Q: How to change the display time on Vorke Z6?

A: Time will synchronize with your computer, if you do not need it, you can set up the time, and turn off the Sync time and you can set up the time Manually.