Q: What is the system does vorke v5 supports?

A: Vorke v5 support Windows 10 and linux.


Q: Does worke V5 has presinsalled the system?

A: Sorry, Vorke V5 is Barebone Mini PC, so it has no system. Buyer need to install what system he likes


Q: What the Maximum RAM of Vorke V5

A: Vorke V5 supports for dual-channel DDR4 memory, meaning that you can install 2*16GB DDR4 RAM stick to the host. Also the the M.2 slot brings access to unlimited SSD storage.


Q:Does vorke v5 supports dual-screen?

A:Yes, it supports dual-screen different display. The output resolution is up to 4K@60Hz.


Q:What is the wifi model of Vorke V5?

A:It is AC3165.


Q:Does VORKE V5 Supports Multi-language?

A:Yes, it supports Multi-language. Buyers can set up the languages which he needs.


Q:Does the HdMI port of Vorke V5 is 2.0?

A:No, it is HDMI TypeA 1.4.