Q: What is the system preinstalled on Vorke V2 Plus?

A: you can also use the OS of your choice, from Linux distributions to Windows 10, Chrome OS, whatever does the job, besides the preinstalled Ubuntu16.04. Note:

Please don`t flash the BIOS, or it will be on your own risk.


Q: What is the version of Vorke v2 Plus

A: One is i7-7200U (8GB+128GB), the other is  i7-7500U(8GB+256GB).


Q: Does the Vorke V2 Plus has Dual display?

A: Yes, it has Dual display with HDMI+USB-C(Buy adapter of USB-C to HDMI/DP).


Q Does the Type C port of Vorke V2 Plus has the image output function?

A: Sorry. It has no image output function.