Q: Does vorke V1 Plus preinstalled windows, and it has been activated?

A: Yes, this device has preinstalled windows 10 and it has been activated. So buyer can use it directly no need to reinstall windows system.


Q: Does Vorke v1 plus can support other systems?

A: Vorke V1 Plus also support WIN8.1/ubuntu15.10&16.04 Chrome OS.


Q: Does the RAM Vorke V1 plus can be extended to 8GB?

A: Very sorry, it can not, the RAM just is 4GB, can not extend to 8GB.


Q: Does the SSD of Vorke V1 Plus can be extended?

A: Yes, SSD(Endless extension for SSD, 1TB extension for HDD, Support 2.5″ SATA3 SSD)


Q: What is the wifi model of VORKE V1 Plus?

A: It is AC3165.


Q: Does the vorke v1 plus has Wake On LAN function?

A: Yes, it has this function.


Q: Does Vorke V1 can watch online video?

A: Yes. It can.